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We're going to change the way the world works.

Our Story

Bellhop was founded in Jan 2020 by serial entrepreneur Ben Werther, the former founder & CEO of Platfora (acquired by Workday).

Our starting point is a place of deep empathy for humans in the workplace, and the every-day struggle of navigating and coordinating with people, processes and systems to move the ball forward. This gets exponentially harder as we accelerate the move towards distributed and digital-centered work.

The way we connect to get work done is too fragile and labor intensive to survive the shift. This is where companies will break or thrive in this new era. Teams and departments will be judged by the service experience they deliver, and the efficiency with which they deliver on them. On those counts, most teams are barely at the starting gate, relying on humans to do manual heavy lifting.

Our mission is to change this for the better, by introducing the world’s first Work Engagement Platform for Teams.

This mission has been magnified by the events of 2020, and we feel the privilege and opportunity to help companies worldwide redefine the way they organize around work.

Our Investors

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Vertex Ventures
March Capital
Pelion Ventures
Salesforce Ventures
The Hive

The Why of Bellhop

  • The world has jumped to a new era of distributed and digital-centered work. But the way we connect to get work done is too fragile and labor intensive to survive the shift.
  • Within a team, tools like Slack, Zoom and Asana are great for communication and staying organized. But they don't scale to cross team/department requests and workflows.
  • The new challenge for so many teams & departments is efficiently engaging with the rest of the company, serving individual outcomes in a repeatable but dynamic fashion.

“We're through the looking glass. The winners will be the companies that best reinvent their work model for the new world.”

Ben Werther, Bellhop Founder & CEO

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